Ashish Sanil

Berry Consultants
Professional Title: 
Director and Senior Statistical Scientist

NISS Research Projects

Technical Reports

  • Workshop Report: Workshop on Statistics and Information Technology -
  • Workshop Report: Affiliates Workshop on Data Quality -
  • Title IX Data Collection: Technical Manual for Developing the User's Guide -
  • Table Servers: Protecting Confidentiality in Tabular Data Releases -
  • Software Systems for Tabular Data Releases -
  • Secure Statistical Analysis of Distributed Databases -
  • Secure Regression on Distributed Databases -
  • Secure Regression for Vertically Partitioned, Partially Overlapping Data -
  • Secure Analysis of Distributed Chemical Databases without Data Integration -
  • Privacy Preserving Regression Modelling via Distributed Computation -
  • Privacy Preserving Analysis of Vertically Partitioned Data Using Secure Matrix Products -
  • Preserving Confidentiality of High-dimensional Tabulated Data: Statistical and Computational Issues -
  • NISS WebSwap: A Web Service for Data Swapping -
  • Disseminating Information but Protecting Confidentiality -
  • Data Swapping: A Risk-Utility Framework and Web Service Implementation -
  • Data Swapping as a Decision Process -
  • Data Quality: A Statistical Perspective -
  • Data Quality: A Statistical Perspective -
  • Data Quality and Data Confidentiality for Microdata: Implications and Strategies -
  • Data Dissemination and Disclosure Limitation in a World Without Microdata: A Risk-Utility Framework for Remote Access Analysis Servers -
  • A Risk-Utility Framework for Categorical Data Swapping -
  • A Model for Relating Browser Behavior to Site Design on the World Wide Web -
  • A Framework for Evaluating the Utility of Data Altered to Protect Confidentiality -