Mechanisms for Rapid Response to Environmental Statistics Problems

Research Project

Under a cooperative agreement with the EPA, NISS provided the EPA rapid access to the national statistics community, which in turn furnished statistical input and commentary on environmental issues in a timely basis to policy and decision makers, other officials and researchers. This project provided rapid, accurate, and informed responses by statistical experts to inquiries about issues important to the EPA.

Technical Report(s):


Project Goal: 

Help the U.S. Environmental Agency by providing rapid and accurate responses from statistical experts on issues that are important to the EPA.

Research Team: 

Principal Investigator(s): Jerome Sacks, NISS

Senior Investigator(s): Richard Smith, UNC-CH; Jerry Davis, NCSU; Patricia Styer; Lawrence Cox, EPA

Post Doctoral Fellow(s): Nancy Salzman, Minge Xie

Individual Team Members: 
Jerome SacksLawrence H. Cox